Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Milan, Italy: Anthony from Italy jumped a record 20 busses on Friday before a packed audience of 29,999 people at The San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy.There would have been 30,000 people in attendence but Anthonys biggest fan, his mother, got stuck in heavy traffic in downtown Milan.
"Thank goodness for Youtube ! I can always catch his magnificent jump at home on the Internet, I am so proud of my boy!" she exclaimed.
Afterward, INN (Italian News Network) correspondent Patricia Tesman caught up with Anthony regarding his record-setting jump.
"I was pretty nervous before the jump. My ex-girlfriend was in the crowd with her new boyfriend Mikey Milano (yes he is related to the famous scooter-jumper Vinny Milano who rides for The Cicilian Bros.) They both were trying to distract me with a huge sign that read "Good Luck Anthony! You're going to crash!"
"They also both brought a high-powered spot light with them and were shining it right in my eyes during the whole jump. Luckily, I practice all my jumps blind-folded in case of hecklers in the crowd. I also have a lot of ex-girlfriends."
Anthony rides for the record setting scooter trio "TEAM SCOOTER-MAN".
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