Tuesday, September 1, 2009


"Hi Everyone! My name is Jett...or Jett Scootergirl as some people call me.I work at The Brant Rock Garage with my good friend Scott. Some people know him around town as "Scooter-man".

We both work together at The Brant Rock Garage and help the people around town with their everyday needs. Sometimes our friends from all over the World come by to say hi and also help us out.

Scooter-man likes to race scooters and motorcycles with his two good friends "Gordon from Britain" and "Anthony from Italy".We also have a lot of other friends that come and visit too.

My cat Simon doesn't talk but he sure does help us rescue people when we need him.He is an expert in climbing up trees,down steep hills and hard to get places.

Well,I better go now,we have a lot of work to do...and as we say around the garage when we have to leave..."READY...SET...JET!"

Jett Scootergirl/Scooter-man and Friends is (c) and TM 1993-2008 Squire Wells.

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