Saturday, May 31, 2008

Story #1:Scooter-man and Gordon meet Sasquatch

Scooter-man (Scott) and Gordon set up their tent and
were ready to call it a day. Their visit to Oregon had
been great and there were no signs of the mysterious
man-like creature people in the area referred to as

A group of local sky-divers had contacted Scooter-man
earlier that day to report that some items had been taken
from their jump-base. A parachute, some sunglasses and
a paperback book on self-defense written by Jet Li.

Scooter-man and Gordon had been called by the local
Forest Ranger to investigate sightings of the ape-like-
man-creature many of the locals came to know as
"Sasquatch." Sasquatch was feared by many but no
reports of any injuries occurred when encountering
the beast-like creature. Just sightings.Even so,the
locals wanted answers. What did Sasquatch want?
a hot meal? tickets to a concert? a hot shower?
was it just a hoax?

The Brant Rock Garage was many miles away in
Massachusetts but that didn't stop Scooter-man
and Gordon from trekking out to the mountains
of Oregon on their scooters to see if they could help
the Forest Ranger, Rick Mcgillicudy with his quest--
To see exactly what was going on with Sasquatch and
the locals.

Jett Scootergirl and Anthony from Italy agreed to
stay behind at the garage and come later that day
by means of travel with the scooter-copter, a cool
vehicle that Gordon and Jet had assembled together.

The two men had now set up camp and were just
beginning to relax.

"What was that?" shouted Scooter-man.

"What,did you hear something?" asked

"Look! over there by that bush,somethings

"Your right Scott. Keep your voice down, let's
go see what it is." Gordon stated.

The two scootermen got up from their portable
lounge chairs (bought at Target for $5.99 a piece)
and headed towards the bush.

Scooter-man led the way and Gordon was right
behind him. They were careful not to make too much

Scooter-man was wearing his moon boots that he had
received as a present recently and Gordon was wearing
those corny looking Croc shoes everyone raves about.
Both kind of shoes were ideal for noiseless walking.

They now were right behind the bush when they heard
another loud noise.

"KEEYATE !" came the loud scream from down the

What was it? they both wondered. They decided to
carefully peer down the mountainside.Trying very
hard not to be noticed. They peered out around the bush.


It was Sasquatch ! the man-like-ape creature.He was very
large. At least 7 feet plus. He had hair all over his body and
had huge shoulders and long arms.He also had on what
appeared to be a backpack strapped to his body and a
paperback book in his hands,like he was studying something.

"Let's get back and get the scoots." Gordon whispered.

"Wait Gordon." Scooter-man reached into his pocket and
pulled out some binoculars. "Let's get a better look."


Scooter-man was now peering through his binoculars.He
could now get a closer look at Sasquatch and what he was

It was the Jet-Li self defense book that the sky-divers
reported missing from their base-camp. Sasquatch was
actually reading it. Trying to make sense of it. He began
practicing moves he saw in the book.

"Gordon,you're not going to believe this. Check it out."
Gordon took the binoculars from Scooter-man and
looked throught the lenses.

"He is studying the Jet-Li self defense book,why ?"

"Look !" Scooter-man jumped back.

Sasquatch was now in a karate stance. He lunged forward
and did a front middle-lunge keeyate punch,then a round
house kick followed by a back-spin kick,spin around elbow
strike and five jumping side kicks right in a row.

"KEEYATE ! yelled Sasquatch.

Sasquatch was doing Karate. Unreal. He was a fast learner,
or did he study Martial Arts before ? It was never reported in
the past that Sasquatch was a trained Martial Artist. His form
was near perfect and his karate scream sounded like something
out of a Hollywood movie.

The two Scootermen decide to act fast. They now needed to get

out of the area fast,before Sasquatch noticed them.

"Alright,let's get out of here." whispered Scooter-man.

"No problem. That Sasquatch could really mean business."

The two scooter-man were now just about out of the bushes when all of a sudden one of Gordons Croc Shoes popped and let out a huge noise.

"Oh No! I knew I should have bought the real Crocs and not these cheap knock-offs"

Scooter-man turned around. "Those aren't real Crocs?"

"No,these were on sale at Job Lot for $4.95. I put the Croc stickers on them myself that I bought on E-Bay..."

Sasquatch turned around immediately and now had seen the two men.

"ARRRR!!!" he screamed. He then began walking towards Scott and Gordon.

"AHHH!" screamed Scott and Gordon.

Sasquatch was now staring the two men right in the face. Growling.The two were standing still waiting to see what he would do next. Sasquatch then started to charge towards them. Both men got down to their kness.

"Cover your head Gordon!" Scott shouted.

Gordon was now in a curled up position and Scott the same.They were both afraid.Even though they were men.

Just then a huge gust of wind came blowing in from the mountainside.Scott and Gordon grabbed on to a tree nearby,but Sasquatch was now airborne. He was headed right off the mountain.

"Ahhhh!" he shouted. Sasquatch went flying into the air and was now over the mountainside. He began falling down into the sky. The two Scooter-men quickly ran over to the edge of the mountian and peered over to look. Sasquatch was going to get very hurt if he hit the ground. Scott and Gordon wondered what to do next when all of a happened. The parachute opened up from Sasquatch's back pack. It must have been the one missing from the jump-base. Unbelievable. He was going to be alright.

The two were waiting patiently to see him land safely on the ground when they noticed something wrong. Sasquatch was headed right for a tree.

"BAM!" he hit the tree hard with his parachute and was now just dangling from the tree-limb.He looked up towards Scott and Gordon and began to yell.

"Help!" "Help!" he yelled.

That was strange. The two men thought to themselves. Sasquatch was yelling Help. Did he actually know English?"

"Let's go!" Scott demanded to Gordon. The two both jumped on their scooters and were off.

"READY...SET...JET!" they shouted right before they took off.

The two were now down by the tree were Sasquatch lay hanging and dangling.

"Help me you guys! Please!"

Gordon had now climbed up the tree and was getting ready to cut down the parachute with his scoot-knife (bought on E-Bay for $5.95 w/BUY IT NOW option)

"Here you go!" he said as he cut the chute loose.

The parachute and Sasquatch came flying down on the ground. Sasquatch hit the back of his head and then something happened. The top part of Sasquatch head came flying was a mask! Sasquatch was actually a human being. It was a man.

Scott and Gordon immediately recognized the imposter. It was Rick McGillicuddy,the Forest Ranger,dressed up like Sasquatch. But Why?"

"Forest Ranger Mcgillicudy! I can't believe!?" Scott exclaimed.

The two helped him up as he was shaking his head in disbelief. "I'm so sorry guys. This is all my fault. Iwas such a fool."

"Why did you do it Forest Ranger Mcgillicudy...why?"

"I don't know...I just wanted some attention I guess. Even if I had to get it from pretending to be someone else."

"Well, why don't you try being an actor or something?" Gordon asked.

"Well I did,but it's hard you know? I joined Myspace,Facebook,SoYouThink and all those websites trying to get my big break but nothing has happened yet.I even tried out for that new Jet-Li sky diving movie that was being filmed locally here in Oregon...and got nowhere. I guess I'm just frustrated. I'm so sorry to put you through all this you guys."

The two looked at him. Smiling.

"It's alright Forest Ranger Mcgillicudy.We forgive you. But just remember.Things take time. Don't give up on your acting or your dreams. Keep trying and never quit."

Forest Ranger Mcgillicudy turned to both the men and began smiling.

"Thanks guys,I feel better already. Say,do you think you can give me a ride home?"

"Sure,no problem." Gordon replied.

"Thanks,I gotta get home to watch the all new X-FILES.


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